Highland TL100 TriLifter Rentals

TL100 TriLifter

TL100 TriLifter Rentals The TL100 TriLifter is one of the most flexible rigging machines available. Its unique four-post lifting hat offers the following capabilities:

  • 150,000 lb lifting capacity to 25 on top of hat
  • 100,000 lb lifting capacity to 24 from lifting eyes
  • 50,000 lb lifting capacity to 35 from hydraulic boom
  • 50,000 lb lifting capacity to 15 on forks
Of all the cranes and forklifts available, the TL100 TriLifter can do everything with just one machine.

Call Highland Heavy Lift (a division of Highland Machinery & Crane) at 269-926-9600 to discuss a Versa Lift rental or TriLifter rental.

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